What is the Bald Eagle & Panda Series?

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Affiliated with the American Cultural Centers at several Chinese universities, working with Iowa State University, the Bald Eagle & Panda Series aims at promoting cooperation and peace between U.S. and China. Major events include the annual virtual international conferences, study trips in the U.S., summer camps in China, and monthly newsletters.

Bald Eagle & Panda U.S.-China Culture Exchange Virtual Conference focuses on contemporary and future issues in American and Chinese culture, the impact of culture on bilateral connections and improving mutual understanding. In conjunction with the American Cultural Centers supported by the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, students in Chinese universities which American Cultural Centers located will have opportunities to participate in the conference to gain valuable experiences in terms of Chinese and American cultural exchange. All the existing American Cultural Centers can be found at http://www.accexnetwork.org/

News from the Bald Eagle & Panda Series:

ACC hosts Christmas celebrations

The American Cultural Center (ACC) at Iowa State University hosted a series of Christmas celebrations during the week of Dec 16th, 2016. Eleven Faculty and student representatives from ISU and the Ames Public Library participated in the party and expressed their best wishes.
The celebrations feature an array of holiday-themed activities such as Christmas party, pictures with Santa, Christmas countdown chain crafts, and special Christmas gifts from the ACC Director Dr. Linda Hagedorn !
The chain is a symbol of our unity. We are all tied together for the purpose of cross-cultural understanding. The U.S. team and the China team have the same purposes in our hearts; friendship, peace, and respect.

# Christmas Party and Countdown Chains

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# Pictures with Santa

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The American Cultural Center Partnership of Xinlian College of Henan Normal University and Iowa State University wish you a very happy Holiday Season!