Here comes the monthly exclusive fun game — the Word Puzzle!

For all Bald Eagle and Panda followers:

We have created the montly word puzzle game rewarding for the students who are the first to find the solution.  These American traditional games include word search, crossword puzzle, and jigsaws etc., and are often designed to test ability with language or to explore its properties.

For being the winner you only need to send the picture of your solution to before the end of the month. If your solution are the first to be approved, you will be awarded with a ¥50 prize!

The Word Puzzle game is here.

International Poster Fair Call For Proposals (2018)

2018 Call for Proposal _English Version

2018 Call for Proposal—Chinese version

2018 Bald Eagle & Panda U.S.- China Culture Exchange Poster Fair Conference

Conference Theme: Sharing Cultures and Building Friendships

May 7-15, 2018

at Multiple Conference Locations!


Enhance your resume, share your ideas, and win prizes!
General Information
The 5th Annual Bald Eagle and Panda Conference is supported by the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. The Conference conveners are Iowa State University (USA) and Xinlian College of Henan Normal University (China).
This year’s conference will be a series of Poster Fairs at Guangzhou University, Harbin University of Science and Technology, Xinlian College of Henan Normal University, American Cultural Centers in China and other universities to be later identified. The 2018 Conference theme is Sharing Cultures and Building Friendships. Our goal is to bring harmony and unity between China and the U.S.
A poster fair is a visual display of the presenter’s ideas prepared for viewing by those attending the event. Presenters will be supplied with a Bald Eagle and Panda PowerPoint template to be used to create the poster. The poster will contain material (text, pictures, graphs, figures, etc.) to summarize the full paper. The Bald Eagle and Panda staff will make your participation as easy as possible. For example, all posters will be printed by the staff of the American Cultural Centers for display.
At the Fair, presenters will have 3-5 minutes to discuss their posters in English. All presentations and posters will be posted on the Bald Eagle and Panda website: To be eligible for prizes, students must submit a paper with more details to accompany the poster. All papers will be judged for originality, creativity, and critical thought.

Topics at Conference
We seek proposals from a wide array of topics comparing China and the US including:

• Cultural Differences
• Communication
• Entertainment
• Architecture
• Animation
• Language
• Education
• Festivals
• Animals
• Fashion
• Sports
• Music
• Food
• Arts

Proposal Requirements
A proposal is a short essay (200-300 words) describing your intentions for a poster and optional follow-up paper. It is expected that all accepted proposals will result in a poster. Those participants wishing to compete for Bald Eagle & Panda Awards must turn in a full paper supporting the poster.
The proposal submission must include a title page with author’s name, university name, e-mail address, and phone number.
The following information should be included in the proposal:
1. Title of and purpose of the poster/paper
2. Goals/Objectives
3. Significance of the topic
Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria: importance of the topic within American and Chinese cultural exchange, quality of writing, potential for effective display and suitability/readiness for presentation in the format of a poster.
Proposals should be submitted electronically via email by January 18, 2018. Receipt of proposals will be acknowledged via return email. All proposals should be sent to
Full instructions on how to prepare the posters, procedures for the live presentation as well as instruction for the full papers will be provided for all accepted proposals.
“Bald Eagle & Panda” Awards
In order to be eligible for awards, BOTH a poster and full paper must be submitted. The final paper must be submitted by April 15, 2018.
All papers must be written in English and be 7-10 pages in length (double spaced). Papers longer than 10 pages (not counting title page or references) will not be eligible for prizes.
The combination of poster and paper will be judged on overall quality and significance to the understanding of American and Chinese culture and interest. A panel of judges from the U.S. and China will determine the award recipients.
The “Bald Eagle & Panda” Conference organizing committee will offer scholarships under a three-tier structure. The first tier includes up to 5 scholarships for RMB 1,500 each, up ten scholarships for RMB 1,000 each for the second tier, and up to twenty scholarships for RMB 500 each for the third tier. And all accepted proposals will win a small participant prize.
Summary of Dates:
1. Proposals Due: January 18, 2018
2. Posters Due: April 1, 2018
3. Full Papers Due: April 15, 2018
Questions? Contact

What is the Bald Eagle & Panda Series?

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Affiliated with the American Cultural Centers at several Chinese universities, working with Iowa State University, the Bald Eagle & Panda Series aims at promoting cooperation and peace between U.S. and China. Major events include the annual virtual international conferences, study trips in the U.S., summer camps in China, and monthly newsletters.

Bald Eagle & Panda U.S.-China Culture Exchange Virtual Conference focuses on contemporary and future issues in American and Chinese culture, the impact of culture on bilateral connections and improving mutual understanding. In conjunction with the American Cultural Centers supported by the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, students in Chinese universities which American Cultural Centers located will have opportunities to participate in the conference to gain valuable experiences in terms of Chinese and American cultural exchange. All the existing American Cultural Centers can be found at

News from the Bald Eagle & Panda Series:

American Cultural Center Brings Chinese Chanting Performance to Ames Community

On the weekend of Sep 23-24th, 16 students and faculty members from the chanting choir of Xinlian College in China visited Iowa State University (ISU) for a cultural exchange tour. Xinlian College is one of the universities in China selected to host an American Cultural Center (ACC) in partnership a U.S. university. Xinlian is a partner with Iowa State University and is directed by Dr. Linda Serra Hagedorn, the Associate Dean of College of Human Sciences. The Center, which been funded by the U.S. Embassy in Beijing since 2014, has successfully organized a series of cultural exchange events, such as the Annual Bald Eagle & Panda Conference, and cultural exchange summer camp (more information about ACC can be found at the project website (

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The center is proud of its 100% satisfaction rates from student participants and faculty partners and has won the 2017 Excellence Award by the American Centers for Cultural Exchange (ACCEX) in June, 2017.

The American Director of the ACC Dr. Linda Hagedorn considers the chanting performance as a unique way of showcasing both classical Chinese music, dance and literacy culture. Chanting (yinsong) to Chinese poetry is a special cultural practice that provides musical training. Performers sing the poems coupled with dance and instruments such as the flute, flageolet, lute, Chinese zither and piano. Prof. Chen, Jiangfeng, the Xinlian leader (as composer and flageolet player) and the Vice President of Xinlian College wishes to introduce classical Chinese poetry and prose to Chinese Americans and other communities abroad through the performance.

The chanting group performed at the Ames Chinese Language Academy (ACLA) with over 120 people in audience including representatives from ISU and ACLA students, teachers, and parents.

“The performance was a cultural feast for our students”, remarked Ms. Jingtao Wang, principal of the ACLA.  The seven programs featured diverse genres of poetry and prose by chronological order.  We are honored that they chose to perform at our school.”

Parents of ACLA were also impressed.  “This is something special that you cannot see everyday, even in China”, said Shuting Wei, “Most of our children are born and raised in the U.S., and chanting is a perfectly joyful way of telling them our own civilization”.

The music and dance with chanting was also enjoyed by the ACLA students. “I love the lutes, the dance, I cannot understand the words, but I like the music”, said Crystal Zhang, a third-grade student at ACLA.

As sponsor and hosts of the performance, Dr. Hagedorn highly praises the performance as a cultural appreciation, Ms Jingtao Wang also plans to open more “cultural windows” to students at ACLA.